Publication: “The Dragon and the Orange Juice” in Aliterate #2

In April 2017, my translation of Genoveva Detelinova’s “The Dragon and the Orange Juice” appeared in the second issue of Aliterate (Spring 2017).

You can read the original (in Bulgarian) here.

(And you can tell us what you think about Aliterate on Goodreads. 😉 )

This is the last of the translations that we at the Fantasia Translation Academy did as part of the 2008 contest (or, as we call it, Yearning) for Bulgarian SF stories organized by the Human Library Foundation. Our purpose was to translate the winning entries and find them homes in professionally paying publications. It’s been a long way.

And now … we can announce another Yearning?

Hope springs eternal. 😉

P.S. If you’re genuinely curious: there already is another one.

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