The first world demo of _Aurelion: The Coin_

… can be found here. Enjoy. 🙂

main screen

If you’re interested in the evolution of our visual novel:

a) subscribe to the Lemmasoft forum topic and follow us as we journey on;

b) or join the journey yourself. We’re always looking for new companions. 🙂 You’ll find out how to join us in the link above.

The present demo has been created over a period of six months by six people–or alternatively, six+ years by 30+ people, if we include writing, editing and translating the original novel and filming the web series.

The current six are:

For the main programming, we’re deeply grateful to the wizards who made Ren’Py.

Now let’s see where our quest for waning magic (and new friends and self-discovery) will take us next ….

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