1. Гледайте колко корици ни се изсипаха в Копнежа за антологията „За спасяването на света“.

Лелееее… 🙂

2. Миниатюрата ми The Film-thin Bound беше публикувана в октомврийския брой 19 на американския фензин Pulp Spirit. (След като спечели конкурса на Planetary Stories в категория до 1000 думи.)

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A winner is you!

Shelby Vick of Planetary Stories Contest wrote:

Your story, “The Film-thin Bound,” won in the 500-1000 word category!

Since you live in another country, how will we repay you? If you have an account with PayPal, that would be the simplest, I would think. Otherwise, we would send you a check, but it will be in US dollars.

Again, congratulations!

Yipee! There’s a first! 🙂 🙂 🙂

(“The Film-thin Bound” comes with a huge story behind–or should I say “before”?–it. One day, perhaps one day … ;))